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What is Freemasonry?

It's the oldest, largest and most prestigious fraternity in the world.  We're kind of like a civic club, a charitable institution and a fraternity all rolled into one.

We're like a civic club in that we do a lot of community and provincial projects.  We're like a major charity in that we, through the wider Masonic family including the Shriner's and their Children's Hospitals, give almost $2 million away in North America every day.

Most importantly, we are a fraternity for men doing good things for each other, and trying to bring men of good morals and ethics together in our community.

What do Mason Do?

The most important thing we do is take care of each other and our families. We are a fraternity. That means we help other Masons, treat them in special ways, support them no matter where they live.  We also build friendships locally, across the province, and around the world. There aren't many organizations doing that as part of their core work these days.

We help others.  That's why as part of the wider Masonic family, we give almost $2 million a day to charity in North America .  And most of our money goes to help kids.  We rank among the top 10 best-liked charitable groups in North America .

We also teach leadership skills, and help men lead an ethics-based life as a part of their foundational values.  We promote good relationships and strong family values.  We try to do something to strengthen the family unit every day.

  What do you get out of it?

We get a lot of pride, a sense of belonging to an organization that exists all over the world; being part of a great heritage; sharing an identity with the greatest men of the past and of today.

We share a special bond with men from all walks of life creating life-long friendships with them.  Just being a member of an organization that believes in toleration that lets each man think for himself and express his own opinions, without worrying about being wrong.

We get a lot more out of Masonry than we put into it.

What is the Mission of Freemasonry?

In a time when common ground seems to be shrinking in our world we exist to promote a way of life that binds like-minded men in a worldwide brotherhood that treats with the deepest of respect all religious, ethnic, cultural, social and educational differences; by teaching the great principles of brotherly love, relief and truth; and, by the outward expression of these through its fellowship, its compassion and its concern, to find ways in which to serve God, family, country, neighbours and self.

So if you'd like to look further into our core values and mission, follow this very simple piece of advice:      

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